BioClin has performed different clinical studies. Please see the list below. For more information you are welcome to contact us.

Clinical studies with Multi-Gyn ActiGel*.

1.  Report on an exploratory study with ActiGel in women with vaginal discomfort.
Multi-Gyn ActiGel was found useful for women experiencing vaginal discomforts, and it was also useful as a supportive cure to the underlying diseases such as bacterial vaginosis (non-specific vaginitis) and candida vaginitis. The study was conducted from October 2013 – January 2013 amongst 50 women aged from 21 to 61 in Tokyo.
Japan 2013. Kunio Kitamura, MD, Yukihiro Shibui, MD, Kanako Hanaoka, MD, Sayoko Makabe, MD,  Harumi Kubo, MD.

2. Observational pharmacy survey on the efficacy of Multi-Gyn ActiGel in the treatment of uncomplicated vaginal conditions.
The stuy amongst 390 Italian women between 15 and 65 years shows that Multi-Gyn ActiGel is considered effective in treatment of vaginal discomforts.
Italy 2013. Corman S.P.A.

3. First Line Treatment and Relief of Bacterial Vaginosis-related Vaginal Complaints with Metronidazole and Multi-Gyn ActiGel.
The study suggests that Multi-Gyn ActiGel offers an alternative pathway to antibiotic intervention as a first line treatment for BV and related symptoms. The study was conducted amongst 47 age-matched women in Serbia with Bacterial Vaginosis and related complaints.
European Obstetrics & Gynaecology, 2012;7(2):103–6. Tatjana Bojovic, Djordje Bojovic, François-Xavier Boyer de La Tour 2 and Babet te Lamers.

4. An in vitro study of the effects of self care gels on desirable and undesirable vaginal microbiota.
Multi-Gyn ActiGel shows the least noxious effect on the lactobacilli and therefore seems to be the most suitable product in comparison to the other tested self care gels. The study was conducted in vitro in September 2012 in The Netherlands.
European Obstetrics & Gynaecology, 2012;7(2):111–4. Joke A.M. Dols, MD,1,2 Mathilde E. Boon, MD, PhD,2.

5. A pilot study to evaluate the efficacy of Multi-Gyn in the treatment of non-specific vulvitis and vaginitis.
It can be concluded that Multi-Gyn Gel is a great relief for the complaints of non-specific vulvitis and vaginitis (64%) and often a complete cure. 50 patients participated in this pilot study with Multi-Gyn Gel when no diagnosis could be made for the cause of the inflammatory complaints.
Unpublished controlled clinical trial by BioClin B.V, Delft, August 2006. Dr. G. Beyer, Dr. W. F. Beelaarts van Blokland, Dr. R. M. Gaaymans, Dr. M. C. Dersjant,Dr. M. Csanky, Dr. M. E. Boon and Dr. D. Goedhart.

6. Relief and prevention of Vaginal Complaints in (Post) Menopausal Women.
It can be concluded that an acid gel is beneficial but that the 2QR component in Multi-Gyn ActiGel has a strong added value in the relief and prevention of all frequently occurring vaginal complaints. At study entry 68 women were observed. Vaginal dryness was the most reported complaint.
Unpublished controlled clinical trials by BioClin B.V, Delft, October 2005. Dr. Boris Divic, Dr. Marta Savic, Dr. Zoran Sretenovic, Dr. Marjan Huljic, Sanja Djurovic, Gordana Obradovic-Hajdukovic and Dr. Matthijs Boon.

7.  Multi-Gyn Gel in the Prevention and Treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis: an evidence-based cytological evaluation.
The results of this study show that regular application of Multi-Gyn Gel is an effective tool in the
prevention and treatment of coccoid overgrowth and the recurrence of Bacterial Vaginosis. In this study the smears of patients of a group of 40 participating GP’s were selected and examined.
Unpublished controlled clinical trial by BioClin B.V, Delft, August 1999, Dr. Mathilde E. Boon; Dr. Annelize Goedbloed.